The Five Freedoms

The five freedoms are an important part of the Animal Welfare laws that exist in all of the states and territories. The five freedoms are groups of things that RSPCA Inspectors look for when they visit a property after receiving an animal welfare complaint. 

If an RSPCA inspector finds that an animal is not receiving these needs, they will try and work with the animal's guardian (owner) to help them understand their responsibilities, and help improve the lives of the animals in their care. If the situation is very serious, the inspector may need to remove the animal from the property, and in cases of abuse, proceed with a prosecution.

No freedom is enough on its own. We need to provide our animals with the five freedoms at all times, so they can live happy and healthy lives. Almost all domesticated animals depend on humans to provide these things for them. Due to humans’ selective breeding of animals for thousands of years, these animals have not retained all of their natural instincts and behaviours that allowed their ancestors to survive in the wild. 

The five freedoms are essential to an animal’s well-being. These consist of:


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