Plaited Tug Toy for dogs and puppies

Our dogs and puppies love toys to play with and this stops them from getting bored while they waiting to find their forever home. You can make rope toys for  the dogs by tearing old, clean material into strips and plaiting or braiding them really tightly together. Follow the instructions below to make these fun toys...

Pillow Cases

  • Take three pillow cases of varying colours, split all stitching so you are left with three equal lengths of fabric
  • Collect all three together at the end and tie in a secure knot, then plait, making sure the plaits are nice and tight
  • Once you have reached the end, tie in another secure knot.  If length allows, tie a third knot  in thecentre


  • Gather fabric together at one end of the sheet and tie into a good secure knot
  • At the other end, divide the sheet into three and tear back up to the knot, then begin to plait tightly.  These plaits need to be very tight and secure, so they last when being chewed and pulled!
  • When almost to the end, tie another knot to finish

Duvet Covers

  • Duvet covers make great tug toys for larger dogs
  • Split the seams of duvet so the cover becomes one long length of fabric
  • Gather the fabric up at one end and tie a good secure knot and follow the instructions above for the sheets, remembering to keep plaits really nice and tight.
  • The sizes should range from 60cm to 1m in length

Many thanks from the dogs and puppies at RSPCA

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Once you’ve got the hang of making a basic plaited tug-toy, you could have a go at making a four piece braided tug-toy. Four piece braided tug-toys are excellent for larger, stronger dogs who need toys that are a bit more durable.

Equipment needed:

  • Four long pieces of fabric (old, clean sheets cut into strips are perfect)


Gather the four pieces of fabric together at one end and tie into a good secure knot.

With the 4 lengths make a diagonal loop down from right to left, so that length 4 is on the other side of length 3.

With length 3 make a loop diagonally up from left to the right, so that length 3 is on the other side of length 4.

Pass length 1 over the open end of length 3 and through the loop of length 4.

With length 2 go over the open end of length 4 passing through the loop of length.

Now tighten the lengths evenly and a square will appear

Repeat this technique until you have just enough left at the end to tie a knot.

You can choose to keep your tug toy as a long rope or knot the ends together to create a ring that can be tugged, thrown or chewed! 

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