Meet Nadia

Nadia is the Foster Care Co-ordinator for RSPCA South Australia . 

This means that Nadia helps put the animals who aren't yet ready for adoption out into foster care, so that they don't have to wait at the shelter (which can lead to the animals getting stressed).

Foster care is a very important part of the RSPCA's ability to house such large numbers of animals at once; all species of animals can be fostered. 

The job has lots of different responsibilities, these can include putting animals in foster care, organising their return to the shelter, performing home inspections, building a community of carers who communicate with each other as well as with the foster care team, assisting with medical treatment of animals, communicating with carers on a regular basis and also ensuring that the animals and carers are the best match possible.

The foster care team work towards involving the whole community with correct animal care, and have the ability to help animals when they are at their most vulnerable.